We are thrilled to hear that one of our properties fits your family needs!

It’s time to get the process started and you have come to the right place. A $30 application fee per adult is required to start, so before we spend some hard earned money, let’s make sure you qualify.


  • Our screening takes an average of 2 days to process and is streamlined to get you into your new home sooner. Our screening consists of 3 sections. See below to make sure you qualify today!

Background Screening
Each adult (18 years or older) living in your home will have a background check completed.

    • No prior evictions.
    • No criminal background. Click here for details. (Ties to the FAQ “If I have a criminal background does that disqualify me from renting your property?, from APPLY NOW page.)
    • No big collections.

Income Screening
Approved applicant(s) will show 2.7 times the rent amount for income. 

  •  We will need 4 pay stubs OR 3 bank statements to show consistent income. 

Credit Review

A review of credit history will be factored in. We understand that sometimes bad things happen and therefore we have policies in place for any student loan or medical bills that are in collections. Big collections will disqualify a tenant, however smaller collections may be negotiated with an additional security deposit or co-signer. 

Prior Rental History

We will verify that you are leaving your current housing situation in good standing. Payments made on time and property left in good condition are factors.

  • If no rental history is available, we may ask for a co-signor or create a solution that satisfies this requirement.

Each applicant must be 18 or older.

Yes, all adult residing on the property will need to complete their own applications and pay a separate application fee.
All applicants must receive approval first and then provide a security deposit. Once those two items are satisfied, the property is put on hold for you!
Absolutely. This is a refundable security deposit. Provided you leave the property free and clear of damage or trash, provide us with 30 day notice and complete your full lease term and have no outstanding balance then we will refund your security deposit in full!
Those applicants that have little to no credit or who are not showing enough monthly income often need a cosigner to secure a property.
You pay the prorated first month’s rent depending on the day you move in. The security deposit is due before you move into the property. We do not collect “1st and last month’s rent”
Yes, if a landlord files an eviction on a tenant, then it is considered an eviction no matter what the outcome is.
No. Our properties do not accept housing vouchers.
Good credit is important, however, not our only criteria. Strong income and rental references may help counter poor credit. We may be able to approve your application with special conditions, such as paying a higher security deposit. Please communicate with our manager and be transparent and they will let you know your options before you spend the fee to apply.

Not necessarily. Our policy is that any of the following convictions in the last 10 years will be denied due to the potential harm to our staff and to the community living of our residents:

  • Illegal manufacture or distribution of a controlled substance
  • Assault
  • Sexual Assault/Rape
  • Burglary
  • Possession of a firearm without a license
  • Writing fraudulent checks

Got Pets?

We love furry companions and many of our properties are pet friendly. Click here to review pet qualifications.